Our mission: to take the two most beautiful cars ever produced and put them together.

The project illustrated here is meant to inspire the top European car industries to join their talents and forces into a fruitful collaboration. It's also a tribute to two men who, more stubborn than steel, had the audacity to put on the road no less than two sculptures on wheels. Their masterpieces have made the history of car design.

Cars Anatomy

Designers were more inspired by nature, in the past.
They had more time to contemplate and cultivate an acute observation of whatever attracted their curiosity. That’s the secret of immortal design.

A drop of water falling from the sky represents the perfect shape of an interaction between two medium.

A stretched drop, overlapping the first one, generates an intuitive shapeof airstreaming beauty and efficiency.

Porsche 911 and Citroen DS seem to find a perfect inscription within these archetypes of form and function.

Porsche 911 and Citroen DS seem to find a perfect inscription within these archetypes of form and function.

The technical challenges behind the actual execution of this prototype are the bread and butter of engineers and expert panel beaters. we limited our study to quote dimensions in order to illustrate the feasability of the car.


The 911 Carrera 4S chassis, being 20 cm longer and 24 cm wider than the original 911, could be considered as a flatbed for the 911DS prototype.

Even cutting 40 cm off the Citroen DS’ monumental length, it’s still possible to obtain a 4-door sports car.


TThe Porsche 991 model could be taken into consideration, given the fact that it can fit in the rear bonnet. It could be integrated by a hybrid technology, in order to have also an endotermic engine coupled with an electric one for extra power.

The battery pack would also help to lower down the center of gravity, counter-balancing the car’s higher profile.

The last word

At the beginning, every unusual idea rhymes with utopia. It may be dismissed as an impossible task. Or labeled as something foolish, or crazy, or both. But this project’s aim is not about bulding a prototype. It’s about inspiring the most creative talents to meet and join forces. The European automotive industry, cradle of the most beautiful cars roaming our planet, is facing today a huge challenge.

More shoulder to shoulder collaboration and stronger alliances would bring, in the end, terrific results to individual companies and to EU economy as well. This project, cultivated in full autonomy so far, is now looking for the blessing, if not the official approval, of the people who lead these brands.