The Brandpowder Team

Carlo Muttoni

President and Founder

Art director, graphic designer and strategic planner in advertising. He took 4 years off for a trip around the world on a bike. In his wanderings he earned a living as a journalist, carpenter, cook, safari guide, and hotel manager, working in New Zealand, Argentina, California, Alaska, Africa and Australia. He founded Brandpowder in 2009, as a way to look at communication from a new angle. The creative shop is based on partnership with its clients. Speed and mobility are guaranteed by a lean format outsourcing the best people in the field.

Pierluca De Carlo

Director & Film Maker

He started as a graphic designer and photographer, then he moved to L.A. and worked as the set designer and personal assistant of photographer Herb Ritts, only to become, ten years later, an acclaimed director in video music, advertising and documentaries. He keeps travelling among California, Mexico, China and italy. He is considered among the top 5 advertising directors in the fashion and beauty industry. He joined Brandpowder to film a documentary about ants in outer space.

Pascal Dro

Publisher of Cape Editions

Pilot, car expert, adventurer, and also an entrepreneur. After several rallies and car races, and covering the world in 80 days with a Toyota, he finally settled in Paris where he founded his own publishing Company which now counts five successful magazines devoted to the automotive industry and men’s lifestyle. He recently covered the Anchorage-Miami 8.500 km long haul in 100 hours, Driving a Porsche 911 too fast to be caught on speed cameras.

Chris Law


He organized motorcycle trips on the Himalaya, then around Scotland’s Distilleries for many years. He is a whisky conosseur and a car collector. Beside a unique Le Mans Aston Martin DB9, he owns a Bedford firetruck which he drove around the Country, campaigning for the Independence of Scotland. He worked as a Chef in top Scottish restaurants and he filmed a documentary about two old brothers who, before dying, set up on an incredible journey riding Enfield motorbikes.

Giovanni Campolo

Financial Advisor

Degree in law and Master in Finance, he worked for several banks and financial institutions and he’s now running his own Company with headquarters in Milan. Specialized in equity investments he’s Brandpowder’s advisor and guardian angel on every financial and legal matter, from contracts to copyrights. A great cook and wine conoisseur, he can cross the seven oceans if a restaurant is worth the trip.